LaView 8 Channel Ultra HD 4K Home Security Camera System

Published on December 7, 2018

Surveillance taken to another level.

Tired of feeling insecure as to what happens around your home or your warehouse or business after you leave? Has there been enough times that someone has either broken something of yours or stole it from you? And you could not see the faces of the culprits with your old camera. Well worry no more as now LaView Surveillance offers new camera setup which can record up to 4k with extreme details of the culprits face now. It’s very easy to setup and very easy to look at whenever you want.

Maybe there was a knock on the door and you’re in your bedroom and its 3 am at night. You can now use your phone to look at the live footage from each camera throughout the house. You could see who it is. You can store 4k footage with 50% efficiency in 2TB HDD storage space. It also has other motion detection abilities as well to notify you in case there is a motion movement captured.

It now features enhanced night footage to record clearly at night. In any given condition as each camera is enclosed in a hard weatherproof casing it can withstand any weather condition from extreme cold Alaska to hot Sahara desert.

These cameras can handle anything. You take your phone out and see the live footage of any camera placed anywhere around your house, you just need Wi-Fi to connect it so that it can transfer the footage live using the internet. All this is available with an easy self installation setup with no wires. Isn’t that great!

Photo credit: LaView

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