Know about the newly introduced features of Amazon Echo

Published on December 31, 2017

Alexa is Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) based digital assistant. She comes featured on Amazon’s proprietary Echo smart home speaker. Alexa is currently leading the AI assistant pack, with Echo smart home speakers ruling the sales. As per the recent data released by Amazon, over eighty percent of the nation uses Amazon Echo. The e-commerce giant is obviously aware of how popular their devices are. Therefore, they are constantly working towards updating it with newer and exciting features to deliver a unique experience to its users. Following given is a list of new and exciting features that arrived this year.

Amazon Echo

Improved speech, voice

According to a report published by Venture Beat, the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) tags were introduced by Amazon earlier this week with the objective to provide Alexa with an impressive and a more expressive voice. The voice appeared more natural and was made available to the makers of Alexa in US, UK, and German markets. What’s truly exciting about Alexa is that it can, through the use of SSML, whisper and even change the tone of the voice.

Musical alarms

Gone are the days wherein you’d wake up to annoying and deafening alarm tones. If the main reason if you purchasing Amazon Echo is that you like music, then the good news is that Alexa has now been taught to create musical alarms. In other words, users have the option of choosing from millions of songs to wake up to, each day. Alarms can be set on the basis of artist, genre or even a particular song name.

Alexa’s services are expanding

The digital voice assistant, i.e. Alexa was made available only on Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Tap for the longest time possible. However, it has now been introduced on other smart home speakers as well.

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