iPhone 11 Leak | Here’s The Top Most New Features

Published on September 12, 2019

iPhone 11 Leak

iPhone 11 Leak | Here’s The Top Most New Features

iPhone 11 Leak | Here’s The Top Most New Features: Image Source

Every mobile user on this glob is familiar with the name iPhone. The very first generation of iPhone was released in 2007 by SteveJobs himself the finder of Apple Inc. iPhone is powered by the apple’s iOS mobile software. So many new variants have been introduced over the years with more improved hardware and software utilities. Apple announced its pioneer iPhone with the new concept of using the mobile with interactive interface and tough screen. This has led to the foundation of smartphones, which captured the whole mobile phone industry within no time. Ever since the birth of the new type of mobile phones, smartphone manufacturers are producing more smart devices and launching them one after the other. The new galaxy of endless possibilities emerged from the new technologies which have resulted in more powerful, fast and reliable smartphones.

Latest Technology Phones

Apple is also producing and introducing new and innovative smartphones with newly added feature one after the other. The journey is nonstop to the ultimate smartphone. Over the period of time, the focus of the phone manufacturers has shifted from the basic use of the phone functionality too much more complex tasking smart machines. Some additional functions are also part and parcel of the smartphones as they are not only used as phones for the connectivity but also are capable of capturing stunning detailed snaps. The new digital cameras are designed to be used, especially in smartphones. The flow of new technology has presented a great deal of new hardware and software by which smartphones are running much faster than ever before.


Apple has the tendency of leading the industry from the front. It has released so many different generations of its iPhone brand over the years. The twelfth generation is now developed, and there are some new features introduced in it. There are so many speculations about the new iPhone 11 and its distinctive features. There are so many media reports about the design and new features of the phone. Apple is trying its best to keep it a top-secret as it has done it in the past to raise the expectations of the iPhone users so that when it is finally revealed, the people get high excitement over the hot piece of cake.

What is new in the iPhone 11?

The all-new iPhone 11 features are an open secret, but still, there might be some late changes in the design or features of the phone to kill all the speculations. As far the media reports are concerned now we know almost all the new features included in the phone. Bloomberg, in its exclusive reports, has revealed almost 11 new features for this flagship iPhone because this will be the first iPhone with the major changes. The major changes revealed in the report by Mark Gurman, and Debby Wu of Bloomberg is as following.

  • The first change is in the name of the iPhone. Apple has always used roman numeric to name its iPhone. The new phone will be named like iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro.
  • iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro will have three main cameras in the back of the phone designed as other android smartphones are presented recently. All three cameras will be packed in a triangle shape as is speculated and will take three shots for everything you will shoot and combine them in a single shot enabling the users to have in-depth crispy details of the shots. The low light shooting capabilities will also be increased along with the long-range and wide-angle shots.
  • Video recording capability if the phone has also increased in the latest iPhone 11. The recording is impressively closer to professional video cameras. There are three main new applying filters like retouch, reframe and even crop the actual footage on the go.
  • There is big good news that reverse wireless charging will be introduced for the first time, and with this, there will be no need of keeping the wires all the time to keep the phone battery charged. With this feature, the phone can also be charged on the go. The battery life is expected to extend to a great deal with this feature.
  • The looks of the phone will be greatly improved as it will be presented in a glassy mat finished form.
  • Apple has worked so hard on one thing that is the mainframe of the iPhone11. The new shatter resistance technology will make the phone harder to break.
  • The new iPhone11 has a new face id solution with multiple angle detection so that it can identify the user from any angle it will be facing.
  • According to Bloomberg, the new iPhone 11 will not be waterproof as was expected, but the water-resistance of the phone has a dramatic increase. The phone will be able to survive more than 30 minutes underwater, which is enough for a careful user.
  • One more disappointment is the withdrawal of 3D touch technology as it is now a standard update in the upcoming models.
  • iPhone 11 performance will be powered by the new A13 chipset which is redesigned for this phone with the new technology named AMX or matrix.
  • The new 5G technology is included or not time will tell, but it is expected that it will also be introduced into the phone.
  • The price is also under a big discussion as other brands have introduced 5G, high-end capable phones at a very reasonable price ranging from $500 to $1100. Will the new iPhone 11 cost over this price range or between this? The big answer no one can tell at the moment.

Final verdict

Keeping all the salient features revealed in the report, we can expect a high-end iPhone with its unique signature benchmark performance. Apple is also planning for the new tech to be introduced in 2020. There might be some features missed in this model to be introduced in the later ones. Overall the expectations are very high from the iPhone lovers only time will tell what will unfold in the new iPhone11.

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iPhone 11 Leak | Here’s The Top Most New Features
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