iPad Pro: everything you want to know

Published on August 3, 2018
Apple has a busy schedule this year just because Apple is releasing its new educational-focused iPad and a new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models. SO Just because of these two, apple may have a busy schedule complete this year. As you know Apple is bringing many models it also decided to bring a pair of new iPad Pro variants coming as well with a slew of changes. We used to give you details about this.
iPad has a wonderful design and it will remain the same till many years, therefore it has a 10.5-inch display which all changes this year, however, as Apple is expected to give the iPad Pro an iPhone X-like design overhaul. For a good look, new updates are necessary for this the company will surely reduce the bezels on both the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro variants.
Apple will keep 10.5-inch iPad Pro the same physical size, but extend the screen as said by the Ming-Chi Kuo. This completely means that you’ll get added screen real estate in a form factor that is the same. This year the 10.5-inch model will become the 11-inch model because of those reduced bezel sizes, according to Kuo.
But for the bigger size of 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple to simply reduce the bezel sizes, and not majorly increase the display size. Therefore at the end, the 12.9-inch display will remain the same, but the overall footprint of the device will decrease, making it more portable and easier to manage.
Face Id
I think Face Id would be the biggest upgrade of them all for the 2018 iPad Pro models will be the addition of Face ID – and thus the removal of the Home button. According to the major leads, it was all confirmed that this year’s iPad Pros will be the first to include support for Face ID. Prior to The its release, we found references to a new ‘modern iPad’, the iPhone X was also referred to as a ‘modern iPhone’ within the iOS code. Whereas iOS 12 includes a multi-user face ID support-  a feature that makes sense for the iPad Pro as it is commonly shared among multiple people. Support for landscape oriented face ID recognition, similarly with the iPhone X, Face ID is limited to working in the vertical orientation, but the iPad Pro is commonly used in landscape mode.
What about Notch?
So here the biggest question about iPad Pro that if they will feature notch cutouts like the iPhone X. But still, there would be so much confusion about the notch, but I generally feel that iPad will not have the notch. It also comes to a reasonable answer that with Face ID comes a notch, the iPad Pros will presumably have bigger bezels than the iPhone X purely for usability purposes. But what I feel that there should be room along the top of the device for all the necessary Face ID components without cutting into the display itself.
Doesn’t matter that what screen size does this have but both the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models feature an A10X Fusion processor with 4GB of RAM, with many changes the amount of RAM will be exactly same but we will almost certainly see Apple switch to a new processor. While it’s not explicitly clear, it’s likely it will adopt a variant of the A12 processors coming to this year’s iPhones.
No clues till date have been found that the iPad Pro pricing structure will change with this year’s overhaul. If it is about the price then you should expect the 11-inch model to start at $649, while the 12.9-inch model will likely start at $799.
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