Instinct is the new addition to the race of smartwatch

Published on October 18, 2018

You all must be aware of the smartwatches which have been launched so far which includes, Apple, Motorolla, Titan, Samsung etc. these all watches had a great response from the market. Majorly, Apple watches series 3 and watch series 4 had a great response and become the best seller. Smart watches have so much features to give that is why most of the people get attracted towards it. Garmin a company which has made many gadgets is almost ready to give its new gadget on the list. The brand Garmin is most popular in making fitness bands, which help you to have a complete knowledge about your calories and many other things which are expected by a watch. This new smartwatch was named as Instinct.


The smartwatch was manufactured just for the military assistance, just as by shockproof and also made it complete water resistance. You must imagine that how it would be encased? this great watch has a fibre-reinforced polymer shell with a chemically strengthened and has a scratch-resistant display. These features will attract the people at one go. The company itself said that this watch has been made for outdoor activities, therefore it includes 3-axis compass and also has a support of GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. Garmin watch named Instinct had a special feature which will make you safe throughout and also allows you to plan your journey by using Garmin Explore app, even if you will change your path it will notify you to go on that route which you entered earlier. 

Not only this you will get more features with these great watches, but this watch will also help you to check your heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, distance travelled, stress levels and sleep patterns. Also if the completely has said that it is majorly the outsiders watch, therefore it also tracks different types of sports and activities which includes hiking, running, biking, swimming, kayaking and skiing. Like other smartwatches it is also eligible to connect with a smartphone, after which it can receive emails and text messages which directly means that after pairing the watch you can freely keep your phone safely in your bag and also if you are on your bed and your phone is on charge, you can have your notification in your watch.

The problem which every person has is the battery problem, there are many gadgets which gives less battery backup due to which people are less focusing on, but this smartwatch has a very good battery life but varies according to the modes such as, if you will keep your watch in a normal mode(smartwatch mode) it will easily last for 14 days. But you also want to use your GPS then you will be having 14 hours of battery life and if you will turn the battery saver mode on, then it will absolutely last for 40 hours of battery life.

Some important key specification which this watch give is that it has a 23mm face with a 128×128-pixel resolution. The dimension of this watch is as follows,1.8×1.8×0.2 inches and has a weight of 52 gram.

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