Instagram’s new feature tells your friends when you were last online

Published on January 19, 2018

Photo-editing application Instagram has added a new feature to its platform. The latest feature is designed to allow your followers to remain aware of when you were last online. In other words, your friends will know when you were last checking the application. Those who enjoy privacy, need not worry because the application comes with a default setting of turning it off, if the users feel like it.


According to a report published by Business Insider, Instagram users began noticing the addition of this feature in their applications for both, IOS and Android platforms early on Thursday, 18th January. The good part about the latest feature is that it doesn’t tell everyone when you were last swiping through the application.

Only those who share private messages with you, can gain access to this information. Users who tag you in their Instagram Stories will also be informed of your last activity on Instagram. If you do not wish everyone to be aware about your Instagram addiction, then you can easily turn it off. In order to do this, please follow the below given steps: i) Tap on your profile page ii) Click on the ‘Settings’ option available underneath your profile name, which is located right next to ‘Edit Profile’ option iii) Toggle down to the ‘Show Activity Status’ in the ‘Settings’ option iv) Turn off the feature through the application. There’s a catch to this setting. If you end up turning off the feature to protect your privacy, you won’t be able to view others activities either.

“Another recent tweak to the Instagram experience is a new indicator that makes it easier to see if an account follows you. Now, if you’re looking at the profile of someone who follows you, but whom you don’t follow, you’ll see ‘Follow Back’ instead of ‘Follow’,” reports Business Insider.

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