Instagram: We are building a new data portability tool

Published on April 12, 2018

Earlier this year, there were numerous reports that spoke about how Instagram did not contain a data portability facility. The news was hard-hitting for the application especially in the recent light of its parent company associating with the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. However, a new report suggests that the company is now working toward making such a facility available. An Instagram spokesperson was reported as saying, “We are building a new data portability tool. You’ll soon be able to download a copy of what you’ve shared on Instagram, including your photos, videos, and messages.”



The data portability tool is expected to make it easier for individuals to leave Instagram. They can even enter a new and compete for image social network. However, we hope that the setting launches before May 25 as following which, the company will have to comply with the European GDPR privacy law. The social media company has made it difficult for one to export the user data. One can’t merely drag, tap or hold on images to save them. One cannot possibly download pictures that can post. However, Instagram has still managed to reach 800 million users.


We are still waiting for more information regarding the matter. We do know that users will soon be able to download photos, videos, and messages on their platforms. One will soon be able to export their following, follower, likes, comments, and stories list as well. However, we are not sure whether this includes complete fidelity or they will be compressing by nature. The Instagram spokesperson further went on to add, “We’ll share more details very soon when we launch the tool. But at a high level, it allows you to download and export what you have shared on Instagram.”


Facebook is currently right in the middle of the turmoil over the Cambridge Analytica privacy data scandal. However, it appears that its counter-part Instagram is serving the first saving grace for customers. Facebook must thank the founders and their continued influence on the application that helps them realize the initial vision. However, it does not necessarily mean that both the companies do not have profound impacts on each other. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom have reportedly gone to great lengths to maintain the application’s core purpose. For those who aren’t aware, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom are the founders of the Instagram application.


As can be recalled, Instagram sent the technology world in a state of shock when they blatantly copied Snapchat’s key ‘Stories’ feature back in the day. While at that time Instagram did end up inviting a lot of criticism, the criticism did not necessarily extend to such a stage wherein they would lose customers. A little while later, Instagram had become the most successful social media application.


If Instagram does end up extending support for the data portability technology, then it might give rise to legitimate competitors. Users will be able to back their content up on an image storage application or even their computers. However, it will end up giving rise to a hoard of competitors, who may deteriorate the experience as a whole. Apart from this, it might be inviting several legal issues as well. Apart from this, Facebook’s legal team is also actively working to bring about changes to Instagram policies, especially when it comes to the use of user data.

We are not sure exactly when Instagram will be seen introducing the latest set of features.

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