Instagram Update: Now you can re-share a post as a story

Published on May 22, 2018

As Instagram is the most popular social networking site today, every single person uses Instagram to gain knowledge or making social contacts or to be in touch with friends. However, Instagram has officially launched its new feature that will allow users to re-share someone’s Instagram post with their friends via Instagram stories (Instagram also said that this is not a program). This feature is helpful to the people, who can add their commentary or react to a post, without repurposing it as their own, The idea with the new re-sharing option is to give users a platform. the way a program (reposting to feed) feature would have permitted.


For example, you have seen a post by a most popular band or a musician a few days before or any other post by a blogger or a sportsperson and you wanted to re-share with friends, here you can add your own comment, or even tag a friend on a post you want them to see.
everyone usually sends a story or a post to their friends via direct messages.

In fact, tagging friends through Instagram comments had become so common on the social network over the years. Sometimes, we cannot share something with our friends just because they have not followed that person’s account, therefore, The new re-sharing option now gives users a third way to get their friends’ attention.

However, you’ll now see a new option to create a Story as well. By tapping that icon you will see the feed post appear as a sticker of sorts with a customized background, reading for re-sharing. But earlier, to share an Instagram feed post to your Story, you first tap the paper airplane icon – the same as your tap today to send a post through direct messaging.

By this feature, you can now will be able add your own commentary, scribbles and other decorations on top of this “sticker,” as you can today when sharing a photo to an Instagram Story and yes, you can also rotate, scale or move the sticker around, and tap on it to explore other styles.

In this feature, the Story will display the original poster’s username, so that other person or a friend can reach there by tapping on to the head back to the original post.

This new feature of re-sharing a post as a story and adding a new comment or a sticker could increase their account’s exposure to a wider audience. Therefore, this type of feature will encourage the Instagram account holder to create a post which should be specifically designed for new sharing format.

The company may not be done rolling out new features for Stories yet – a continual improvement of this popular product is one way Instagram (and parent Facebook) is able to challenge Snapchat, which first popularized the Story format.

Instagram is also testing a floating Story Tray that will minimize when you scroll, as Twitter users, Jane Manchun Wong spotted. This would give Stories more prominence on the network – though not everyone is thrilled with their takeover.

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