Instagram has notified Apple about the ways to fix with their new iPhone X’s notch

Published on December 7, 2017

Among many of the new design changes that have happened recently with the Instagram iOS app, the latest is about a new kind of volume slider that shall activate, when the user tends to make use of the iPhone X’s volume buttons to modify the volume of a video within the application.

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This is a tiny change, which the app developers work on every other day. It’s worth paying such close attention to let the users get the real experience of using the app, which the Apple must have done at first place.

There have been two kinds of Apple design problems, which the new Instagram volume slider shall fix with. One is about the terrible stock of the volume icon and another is about the top notch. Ever since the iOS was conceived, the Apple has been making use of a prominent volume slider that basically gets displayed in the middle of the screen.

In this modern day of smartphones, the productivity of an app is measured in terms of seconds and with every inch of the screen is precious, making the volume icon a problematic one. The massive volume icon is way too intrusive and it does disturb something which the users watch to watch on their screen. The volume button does hang around the screen for more than two seconds, even after the users finished adjusting the volume for the video.

Instagram came up with a genius solution to the massive volume bar, by creating a tiny volume slider that gets displayed on the top notch of the iPhone’s. This icon shall be more consistent with the latest design of Apple smartphones and it can let the users witness the video without any kind of hurdles from appearing on the video.

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