Instagram ends support for Windows 10 Mobile

Published on April 18, 2018

Facebook-owned photo-sharing application Instagram is reportedly ending its support for all Windows 10 Mobile handsets. The officials at the company recently released a new update for its application, and it appears that it did not bring the same features as it did on Android or Apple platforms. According to a report by BGR, “The app received an update recently, which didn’t bring any major feature for a software update per se but seems to have ended support for mobile devices running Windows 10.” Therefore, it assumes that the upcoming software update is a sign that Instagram is ending support for Windows 10 Mobile handsets. It is interesting to note that the application seems to show support for PC alone on the Windows Store now.

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Before this, the Instagram application supports on both the platforms, i.e., PC as well as mobile devices. However, now – it seems that a lot has gone on to change. Following the recent update, it appears that Instagram will only support on the PC platform. The company has not yet offered any official reason why they have decided to end support for the Windows 10 Mobile platform. Officials have attempted to reach out to Instagram for an official statement on whether it is ending support for the Windows 10 Mobile or not. However, they have not yet confirmed the same. We are not sure whether the company will continue to support the application on the desktop version as well.

According to a note by MS Power User, the only way left through which one can access Instagram on Windows 10 Mobile is through the Microsoft Edge browser itself. The web interface of Instagram on Edge goes on to support all the normal features went on to discover an application including an option to post pictures. The system can further be seen presenting different options such as use filters and even view stories. However, a modern mobile platform goes on to be defined by its app’s ecosystem. Therefore, if the Instagram app is missing, it will only further go on to hurt the Windows 10 Mobile operating system furthermore.

It is especially unfortunate for Windows 10 Mobile systems as the operating system is already considered as dead. “It is not immediately clear whether Microsoft pulled the plug on Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile or the change is coming directly from the app developers,” notes the report by BGR. The application went on to be a part of Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP), wherein app developers went on to make use of a common code across their platform. Their apps went on to reflect different segments of the mobile, desktop and tablet ecosystems.

As can be recalled, Windows 10 Mobile went on to begin as an ambitious effort that went on to bind the mobile as well as desktop environments of the Windows together. While the Redmond technology giant went on to manage to bring the synergy between its mobile as well as desktop ecosystems unlike any other platform did, it ended up lacking support for applications which only continue to serve as the backbone for the dominant platforms such as Apple’s and Google’s mobile operating systems. In the past couple of the years, the Redmond technology giant seems to be disengaging from the overall platform experience. The company has not yet taken the wraps off the next flagship Lumia brand that will run the latest Windows 10 Mobile operating system since the launch of Lumia 950 XL back in 2015. The method continues to deliver preview builds as a part of the Insider experience as well as the feature set has not been of an expansive improvement.

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