“Immediate Credibility”: Fitbit Buy is Google’s Latest Step Into Gadgetry

Published on November 18, 2019

Google has taken a bold plunge into fitness and health technology by acquiring the popular wearable Fitbit. It is the latest step by the company on the internet that has come in force in consumer hardware. From the last several years, Google has been building out its suite of equipment and products that includes Pixel Smartphones and different Varieties of smart gadgets.

Image Credit: Denver Post

Google latest step into gadgetry

From years Google has been introducing many different smart gadgets like speakers, Pixels phones, Wi-Fi routers, thermostats, and recently the product that has been added is Nest. Nest speakers and wireless earbuds were introduced by the company last month. The company sales are very less than its rivals companies like Apple and Samsung. But the reduction in the transaction is not going to affect much Google as it thinks hardware is a way for the people to get addicted to its artificial – intelligence and software.

Google previously did not have its fitness tracking and AI for the smartwatches, but now it is changing. As per the eMarketer analyst, Victoria Petrock Fitbit still has one of the most trusted and well – known brand names in the field of wearable health tech. As per the post about the deal with Fitbit reporting that the merger would allow the company to launch Google hardware executive Rick Osterloh said their wearable device.

Next year, the Fitbit deal is expected to close, which will result in providing Google an opportunity of personal health and location data, and it will not sell ads using health and wellness data, as said by Google. Consumer Reports health privacy expert, Dena Mendelsohn noted that Google is collecting all data of the users that were compiled by the Fitbit over the years.



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