Huawei to make smart watch models with a pair of wireless ear buds

Published on July 6, 2018

The smartwatches manufactured by Huawei brand are considered by of a lot of users worldwide as the best Wear OS smartwatches, but if you believe the rumours, the company is all set to manufacture a new smartwatch that is going to have the latest features and versatile. The release of the latest patent by the company states that the latest smartwatch can store a pair of true wireless earbuds.

Huawei to make smart watch models with a pair of wireless ear buds

The media reporters spotted the patent or the official declaration and it, explains things in detail about different ways in which the earbuds can be stored in the watch. Initially, the earbuds can be stored in a spring mechanism that can be opened or closed. These earbuds can also be attached to the watch magnetically. The users can also store the earbuds in the clasp of the smartwatch. The patent also explains that the earbuds can have the feature of active noise cancellation and also be water-proof.

There is no doubt that these are the things that Huawei could incorporate while making the Huawei watch three but the main point that lies here is that whether the company wants to do it or not. The smartwatches manufactured by Huawei have been criticized a lot for their bulk as compared to that of the ordinary analogue watches and adding extra space for the pair of earbuds in the watch is certainly not going to help!

It is important that you understand that Huawei has only filed a petition for this gadget and has not manufactured it yet and it also does not mean that the gadget is anytime hitting the markets. The tech companies keep filing patents from time to time, and only a few of them are permitted, and the rest are left unnoticed. It is certainly possible that this patent would run into the line of un-permitted ones or get the permission.

The company has recently released the Huawei watch 2 2018 edition that made it very clear that the Huawei watch 3 is no way hitting the market any time soon, and there is time for that. But, still, the company when attended an interview made a point clear that it has been working on the third edition of the Huawei watches that makes it possible that you can see the release of the Huawei watch three sometime soon or until next year.

No matter whether the smartwatch gets the extra space to store the earbuds or not in the body, it would be good to see it come along with the earbuds. The popularity of the smartwatches has seen a rise these days which means that it can be useful to have earphones that can be used with the watch when you are busy and can’t take the phone calls at the moment and have not taken your phone to work or walk.

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Huawei to make smart watch models with a pair of wireless ear buds
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