Huawei P20 Pro has a poor repairability score

Published on April 11, 2018

Huawei recently took the wraps off its flashy new smartphone, P20 and P20 Pro smartphone. The flagship handset is home to some of the best features that are going trending at the moment. The smartphone reportedly takes on other flagship handsets including Apple’s iPhone X and Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus smartphones. There are many different devices that Huawei has openly challenged in the market. The smartphone manufacturer, it appears, is not afraid of taking on the big daddies of the technology world. However, a new report now suggests that the smartphone is slightly more hard to repair in comparison to its arch-rival Apple iPhone X. The story goes on to cite information that is apparently ended up appearing on the official iFixit platform. The iFixit platform features a teardown of the latest Huawei P20 Pro smartphone.

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The report went on to carry a repairability score of four out of 10. Readers are advised to note that ten reportedly means that the smartphone is the easiest to fix. It appears that Huawei’s P20 Pro ended up featuring a repairability score of only four out of 10. Reports compared Huawei P20 Pro’s score with Apple’s 10th-anniversary-smartphone iPhone X. As can be recalled, Apple’s iPhone X smartphone ended up featuring a count of six. In other words, the Apple flagship is two notches easier to repair in comparison to the Huawei P20 Pro smartphone. Both the flagship smartphones were also compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus smartphones. It turns out; the handset has the same rating score as the Huawei P20 Pro. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Apple iPhone X smartphone is more accessible to repair in comparison to its arch-rivals Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus smartphones as well as the Huawei P20 Pro.

The score on the official iFixit website is reportedly by how easy it is to look for components in a particular smartphone. Apart from this, the handset’s battery life is also taken into consideration. “The rating takes into account how easy it is to replace components, and the battery, as well as how breakable the casing and glass areas such,” a report by Apple Insider goes on to add. As far as the Huawei P20 Pro smartphone is concerned, the information on the official iFixit website goes on to state that there are many components in the smartphone itself that feature a modular look.

Apart from this, the devices can even go on to represent a situation wherein the factors can easily be replaced independently. In other words, one would not require more accessories if there is a problem with the only counterpart of the device. The components are also easily found in the market. In fact, Apple makes it a point to ensure that they make the colleagues available for their iPhone devices. According to an online report, it is also possible to replace the smartphone’s battery. Even though, it will take time and effort at replacing the cell; the handset is easy to replace as far as its battery is concerned.

Huawei first took the wraps off its P20 and P20 Pro smartphones sometime last year. The flagship Android smartphones go on to feature three camera lenses on the rear panel. The device is the industry’s first smartphone that packs three camera lenses. The technology giant has made it a point to ensure that the photography handle remains the primary selling point for the next-generation Android smartphone. The device also reportedly supports Augmented Reality (AR) technology. The smartphone also goes on to extend support for slow-motion video technology.

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