HTC Vive Pro Review: This is the next level of VR headsets

Published on April 4, 2018

For those who aren’t aware, the consumer-level virtual reality “revolution” is now roughly two years old. Now that it has managed to reach such a stage in the market, it leads one to think about what the second generation of high-end headsets can improve upon as such. HTC’s first real shot at the next-generation headset has led many to believe less about the improvements and more about its costs.

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HTC is expected to launch its Vive Pro headset at a starting price of $799 for those who wish to upgrade their gadgets. Meanwhile, the new purchasers will be required to purchase the original Vive for a starting price of $1,099. This jump is purely witnessed as a significant leap as far as the price is concerned. It makes one wonder whether the product has something to offer in exchange for the price that it is demanding. After practicing Vive Pro, it feels that the technology giant only released a subtle refinement of the existing ideas rather than pushing a true, next-generation follow-up. In other words, the latest headset line-up functions smoothly as the company has straightened out the majority of the annoyances with the original product.

By this, we mean that the device comes packed with a more comfortable head strap for starters. Apart from this, the headset also features what the company describes, ‘spatial audio’ experience. There is a higher-resolution screen that makes the details seem close to reality through the help of virtual reality technology. The smart device undoubtedly features some of the best improvements made to its line-up so far. There is no denying the fact that the Vive Pro is perhaps the best VR headset available for general consumer use at the moment. When it comes to businesses and location-based entertainment venues, they won’t think twice about pay a few hundred dollars extra for the top-of-the-line in the current VR technology. However, when it comes to average consumers, it can get a tad bit too expensive.

The standard head straps that come packed with Vive Pro are familiar with a lot of users. However, the consumers can merely invest in a $100 Deluxe Audio Strap. If one wants quality over the rest, they apparently have to opt for HTC Vive. The line-up’s predecessor was rather flimsy and ill-fitting. Therefore, it did not end up doing very well. Moreover, its fabric-and-velcro strap was identified as being highly inconvenient.

However, the latest version sports a Deluxe Audio Strap, which is HTC Vive Pro’s integrated head-strap featuring a durable and plastic wrap-around that comfortably sits on the user’s head. It allows users to quickly flip the eyepiece up briefly and look around the real world during use. After you slide the strap down, you will realize that the convenient twisting option on your ratchet is undoubtedly worth the price. The device sports a thick strip of velcro which ends up going over the top of one’s head. “A thick strip of velcro goes over the top of the head, but it feels barely necessary to achieve a comfortable grip,” notes an online report.

The Vive Pro is known to be slightly more massive in comparison to the original Vive. The main reason behind this is that it comes with a Deluxe Audio Strap. Therefore, it feels like the former is slightly more cumbersome in comparison to the latter. The truth is last year’s Deluxe Audio Strap ended up placing out awkwardly on individual’s heads. As a result, the unit’s weight finally feels equally distributed between the back and front of the skull. However, this year, they have undoubtedly reflected some change.

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