HP announces new Z2 workstations, and they got Xeon E-2100 processors

Published on July 20, 2018

HP has announced that it will be introducing an entry-level workstation which promises that they are the world’s most powerful workstations. These workstations are Z2 Tower, Mini G4, and SFF G4 and they have got new Xeon-2100 family of CPUs that Intel announced last week.

The HP’s commercial PCs had put above and beyond the rest of the pack as its security features. Sure, Start now protects the BIOS by checking it against the master copy and replace it if it is corrupted. There is also another feature which is Sure Run, and it keeps apps running whenever the malware tries to support them.

According to Xavier Garcia, who is the Vice-President and General Manager, HP Z Workstations, HP Inc, said that the number of one thing that we can hear could be from creative professionals and with other power users and it is the need for the high-performance PCs which are built to meet the needs. The portfolio of new HP Z workstation addresses this by delivering the world’s most powerful entry workstations. When it comes graphics, it is seen that by combing the superb graphics performance with flexible configuration options and in new HP Z lineup has now been designed to unleash the creativity and maximize the productivity and reinvent future workflows.

The HP Z2 Mini G4 promises to the world that it will be the most powerful mini-workstation and it will be in a form factor of just about 2.7 liters. It can come up with Nvidia Quadro P1000 graphics, and it can have to configure with an AMD Pro WX4150. It is so small that it can mount in the right under the desk, and it also includes with the power of hexa-core Xeon CPU.

Te Z2 SFF G4 has got about 50 percent more processing power which is better than its previous generation who have got about 6-core CPU. HP said that it would be the most expandable SFF workstation which will have about 4 PCIe slots and 2 M.2 storage slots. It is very flexible that it will be offering users to customize the networking, I/O or any display without the PCIe slot.

Z2 Tower G4 is said to be the real powerhouse of the workstations, and it can be configured with Nvidia Quadro P5000 GPU with 16GB GDDR5X memory. This new workstation will be available in market at the end of this month. Z2 Mini G4 will get a price tag of $799, SFF will have $749, and Tower will have $769.

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