How To Win A Client Over For Your Videography Services In No Time

Published on May 4, 2020

Videography is an art of capturing, recording, broadcasting, and display of moving pictures through electronic means. Accordingly, a videographer is an artist who is hired to work in the field of video production to record videos.  
Videos are a great way to showcase visual messages and the idea behind them in a clear, beautiful, and easy way. It is considered an effective alternative to plainly written forms of communication.   
Prominent visualization of content fascinates the audiences. Moreover, it’s incorporation in small scale, and large scale marketing strategies can increase individual as well as commercial clients.  
Digital marketing is a huge platform to advertise your products or services. Most consumers rely on it to learn about brands. As a professional video constructor, you can capitalize on the growing interest in building your business.  

Things To Be Kept In Mind While Approaching Clients  

Securing clients in the videography business can be competitive and risky. Therefore, it is important to make your business stand out. Here, we have provided some helpful tips that you need to keep in mind before approaching a client with your work.   

1. Designate Your Business Ideas  

It is important to have a clear idea of what sort of work and clients you are interested in. This will help you to avoid the chaos of mingling different ideas at a time.  
Therefore, you should reflect and decide whether you are looking for a commitment to wedding photography, filmmaking, or technical projects that are your specialization or niche. 
After determining the type of work, write a perfect bio about yourself and include details of your work. This will increase the chances of your work being well-recognized.  
Working with other people or businesses in your field will further boost your experience. In addition, it will become reliable, as other established businesses might look at your work after gaining information about the same.  

2. Find a Comprehensive Location     

Location is another key factor to influence the business you manage. It differs for everyone as per their needs. Finding a location is not very expensive and has a greater result.  

It will grab the interest of clients for its distance and convenience, respectively. Likewise, it will not only be favorable for local people but also for others who live around one hour or half an hour’s drive away.  

3. Focus on Associating  

Producing videos is not sufficient. It is essential to have a face-to-face talk with clients. Hence, start attending networking events like those hosted by the chamber of commerce, small business associations, and industry organizations. This will certainly help to pace up your business and build meaningful connections.   
After a successful interaction with people, try to introduce your business to them without seeming desperate. Make sure you are professional in your approach. Clear all their doubts, hand out your business card, and take advantage of social platforms to get the most beneficial returns.  
Generally, it is a slow process but is beneficial in the long run. Naturally, the contacts you build will always be beneficial for your business.  

4. Design Video Creation Specimens      

Qualification is not significant when you are talented. Thus, if you are known for creating an outstanding compilation of short clips, you are very likely to impress your clients, regardless of any degree.  
Make sure to create short clips that are appealing and attractive to the target audience. If you are a fresher, take help from your camera and apply your editing techniques to create short clips that will reveal your skills.  
However, if you are already an established artist, then just choose the best from your bunch of excellent work. Remember to showcase the type of work that you wish to receive in the future.   

5. Portfolio of a Video Production Profile  

Create an account on YouTube or other video posting applications and use your business name as your username. First, start with a free trial to learn more about the platform and later upgrade to use the best features of the app.  
Create customized videos to get exposure and upload all the hand-picked videos with attractive titles so that clients can access your channel easily. Try to avoid using titles such as ‘’clip’’  
Keep in mind that focused and easy titles improve the probability of your clips appearing more on search engines. Currently, Instagram has become a trending platform which is used by millions of people. Thus, advertising on Instagram costs less and covers a huge number of potential target audiences.   

6. Get in Touch Through Email 

Write a short and quick email and focus on important points that you want to discuss with the clients. Also, try not to use overly stuffed emails. Attach one of your best clips to your email to help business owners check out your work.  

Video production implies the physical presence of an individual within site. Although it is time-consuming, opting for local or nearby projects can reduce travel time. No matter what you opt for, clients should be able to search your contact info to reach out to you. However, if you are interested in small business marketing, use the general email address of the company.  

7. Get Active on Social Media  

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media are not just for chatting and searching feeds. It can be a great source to display your business. Keep an eye on the events and places that are frequently taking place. Spend some general time understanding their preferences and the type of content being produced.  
Also, it is important that you do not spam or harass people. Convince and create interest in them to choose your business over others. Make sure that you are respectful, sincere, and always showing your best work to your potential clients.   


To summarize, you can easily get potential clients by being active on social media platforms and creating meaningful connections at related events. Inducing videography in marketing strategy helps you connect with potential clients. However, the right blend of techniques, ideas, and artistry is required to create wondrous videos for customer satisfaction.  
Moreover, regular updates are important, as well. Do not forget to update your work every now and then to ensure the growth of new clients. Always check your work progress and follow the latest trends on social media platforms.

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