How to Monetize Affiliates with Twitter Proxies

Published on November 14, 2019

Twitter has more than 300 million daily active users and accounts (better said users) from any possible category and with every imaginable interest. That’s why you can consider it one of the best platforms to automate social media with the help of Twitter proxy services. 

If you run an affiliate marketing business, you can safely use proxies for Twitter to improve your monetization and increase your revenues.  


What actually are proxies for Twitter 

Twitter, just like any other social media network, will block multiple accounts connecting from the same IP address. That’s why, if you want to reach a larger audience on Twitter, you need to manage multiple accounts. And the only way to do it is by using Twitter proxy servers. 

These proxies are clean and never used before. So when you connect your social media accounts, you won’t face any block or bans.  

So, it’s safe to say, that with the help of these proxies, you can manage your Twitter campaigns in the same way a social media agency will do. From the same PC and each account isolated from the others. 


How to monetize with Twitter proxy packages 

Unlike Instagram, Twitter allows you to place links in your Tweets. And they don’t care what your links are. They can even be simple Amazon affiliate links. Twitter won’t block your reach. 

However, the best way to use Twitter for affiliate marketing is actually to own a website and promote your affiliate links there. While on Twitter, you should only promote your blog’s content. But, how you can monetize Twitter proxies. Here are three ways. 


Monetization 1: Promote discount offers with Twitter proxy accounts 

Who doesn’t love discounts?   

The main benefit of using proxies for Twitter when promoting your campaigns is that you can reach a broader audience. The more accounts you manage, the more people you can promote to and the higher the chances of increasing your discount reach and conversion. 

The strategy here is to engage with users, follow them and promote your message at the same time. And you can do this either via Twitter DM (direct messages) or via Tweets. 


Monetization 2: Follow trends 

One great benefit of using multiple Twitter accounts through proxies is that once a hashtag trend or when a viral content spiral starts, you can deploy all your accounts and reach the largest possible audience with the more up to date and viral content.  


Monetization 3: Become a media company 

Another method of monetizing via Twitter proxy is to create a lot of engaging content and promote it via your accounts. 

Besides providing engaging content that users will share and spread your message even further, you can also target multiple niches (categories) at the same time.  

With the help of proxies for Twitter, for this monetization type, it’s best to manage only one account per proxy, because, in this way, you will protect your accounts, that in time will become more valuable. 


Final word 

One of the best social networks for engaging with your audience, Twitter can be leveraged with the help of proxies for Twitter. These are clean proxies used for managing multiple accounts for social media marketing. Once you start managing your accounts, if you are an affiliate marketing company, you can increase your revenue and reach a larger audience with the help of proxies for social media by either promoting discounts to a broader audience, following viral trends or creating content like a media company. 

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