GumBallPay Payment Gateway: Helping Clients to Take Full Control Over Payments

Published on July 26, 2021

Since 2019, GumBallPay’s core focus has been delivering a payment solution to support eCommerce enterprises. The GumBallPay Payment Gateway leverages the company’s full breadth of expertise, matching each client’s passion for attaining their business goals and helping them to turn their aspirations into reality.

Utilizing a wide set of tools, including billing services, payment cycles, and report generation, GumBallPay promotes end-to-end visibility, helping clients to take complete control of payment processes. 

The payment gateway accepts multi-currency payments from any country, facilitating seamless transactions. Delivering robust anti-fraud measures, a feature-rich system and 24/7 support, GumBallPay enables clients to implement a healthy and efficient transaction flow, helping them to take card payments from customers via their website easily and securely. 3D secured to protect clients and their customers from fraud, GumBallPay is compatible with most major shopping baskets.

GumBallPay is not controlled or owned by an acquiring bank. Instead, the easy-to-navigate platform analyses the rates of multiple banks, identifying the best rates and passing them on to its clients. GumBallPay’s highly competitive rates – combined with the payment gateway’s expeditious onboarding and compliance process – make it the number one payment solution, enabling customers to get up and running in as little as one week.

With clients in 180 countries worldwide, the GumBallPay platform supports Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Diners, JCB, RuPay, and all other major payment providers. Delivering fast and seamless integration, the payment gateway connects clients with a team of dedicated and experienced engineers and developers, completing the initial approval for payment processing in just 24 hours (with seven-day onboarding to accept payments online) to enable clients to start taking payments as soon as possible. 

Integrating 3D Secure to ensure that the platform is secure and protects its clients and their customers against fraud, the GumBallPay Payment Gateway is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, and capable of being integrated with any website.

GumBallPay’s bespoke merchant services leverage its banking partners and industry relationships to offer the best possible rates, tailoring services to the unique needs of the individual client. The GumBallPay Payment Gateway’s overriding objective is to take the hassle out of payment processing, enabling clients to devote more time to what they really should be doing: establishing and growing their enterprise, and driving it towards business success.

GumBallPay leverages a global network of acquirers, third-party providers and processors to deliver innovative payment solutions to its clients. With an emphasis on excellence, GumBallPay continually upgrades payment performance, delivering cutting-edge payment solutions to help clients increase their profitability.

Today, this international payment gateway delivers a full spectrum of financial consultation services and solutions for both private individuals and corporate clients. Committed to excellence in all aspects of its operation, the company adheres to the highest international legal practice standards. Prioritizing the development of groundbreaking payment solutions, GumBallPay keeps its clients and itself ahead of the financial and digital curve, delivering advanced technologies, solutions and services to its clients and their customers.

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