GoPro Hero 12 Black vs. DJI Osmo Action 4: A Closer Look at the Action-Cam Showdown

Published on August 22, 2023

The tech world is abuzz with anticipation as the GoPro Hero 12 Black prepares to enter the ring against the freshly minted DJI Osmo Action 4.

(Image credit: GoPro)

Leaks from reliable sources like WinFuture and @Quadro_News have illuminated some facets of the Hero 12 Black’s offerings, and while excitement is palpable, a closer examination reveals a familiar tune with intriguing nuances.

A Whiff of What’s to Come

Eagerly awaiting action cam enthusiasts have been wondering if the Hero 12 Black will serve up a dramatic transformation. But the leaked insights suggest a slightly subtler evolution, replete with a significant twist. Improved battery longevity? It appears that the enhancements are being orchestrated via software wizardry, rather than hardware revamps. The trusty 1,720mAh Enduro battery from its predecessor holds its position. However, there’s a glimmer of hope amidst this status quo – murmurs indicate a potential 70-minute endurance for 5.3K/60p video feats (a noteworthy nine-minute uptick), and an ample 90-minute runtime for 5.3K/30p endeavors (around 10 minutes more than the Hero 11 Black).

A Familiar Silhouette with Noteworthy Adjustments

Ladies and gentlemen, enter the Hero 12 Black – its physical manifestation mirroring its forerunner. Yet, beneath this familiar exterior lie a couple of subtle adjustments, warranting a closer inspection. The spotlight is on the inclusion of a standard tripod thread, strategically nestled amidst the mounting fingers on the underbelly of the action cam. This tweak caters to the dreams of non-GoPro tripod users, offering a boon that’s not to be underestimated. Furthermore, the action cam dons a new attire – a speckled finish that sparks curiosity about its potential connection to recycled materials or eco-conscious production.

The Unchanging Essentials

Despite its seemingly unchanged stature, the Hero 12 Black steadfastly maintains its size, weight (154g), waterproof prowess (submersible up to 10m), and a 2.27-inch screen that commands attention. While this lack of dramatic shifts may strike a chord of disappointment, it also ensures compatibility with existing Hero 11 Black gear and accessories.

Innovations Await Under the Hood

Hold your breath, for the Hero 12 Black is poised to unveil its pièce de résistance – HyperSmooth 6.0. The anticipation is tangible, the details shrouded in a veil of mystery. Could this innovation outshine the already impressive HyperSmooth 5.0 stabilization prowess of the Hero 11 Black? Only time will tell. But that’s not all, as the Hero 12 Black also boasts the capability of 1080p live-streaming and a sprinkle of 8x slow-motion charm (presumably, akin to the Hero 11 Black, albeit at a crisp 2.7K resolution).

DJI’s Countermove: A Larger Sensor and Magnetic Magic

In the opposite corner, DJI’s Osmo Action 4 makes an entrance, armed with a larger 1/1.3-inch sensor and the allure of magnetic mounts. If these leaks hold water, DJI might be inching ever closer to GoPro’s spotlight, possibly even overshooting it.

The Plot Thickens for GoPro

Expectations ran high for the Hero 12 Black, with whispers suggesting a leap to a 1-inch sensor, much like the Insta360 One RS and its optional module. However, the leaks paint a different story – a subtler transformation, akin to a murmur in a bustling room. But hold onto your hats, for GoPro’s proverbial sleeve might yet conceal some tricks. Could a desktop video-editing app make a comeback? A possibility, even if it’s exclusively for GoPro subscribers. The future of other models, like the Hero 11 Black Mini or the prospect of a GoPro Max 2, remains a riddle yet unsolved.

A Battle of Titans

While the Hero 12 Black seems to hold its ground without major alterations, the looming showdown for the crown of the best action camera promises to be a fierce one. As the pieces of this tech puzzle fall into place, the real spectacle is set to unfold. So, buckle up, fellow adventurers – the race is about to begin, and the thrill of the unknown is just the beginning!

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