Google’s internet balloon crashes in Kenya

Published on January 2, 2018

Google recently launched a high-altitude balloon as a part of its “Project Loon” program in the Kenya farm with the objective to offer high-speed internet to all mobile users. While Google’s intentions were to help individuals experience the same as city-dwellers. However, it doesn’t appear like it worked out in their favor. The high-altitude balloon, as reported by Gadgets 360, has crashed in a Kenya farm.

Google’s internet balloon crashes in Kenya

Fortunately, it was a single balloon, as the damage could have been much bigger since it was a part of a 10 balloon batch. Google deployed the balloon with the objective of carrying out initial tests in several regions including Nakuru, Nanyuki, Nyeri, and Marsabit earlier in July last year.

After months of floating in the air, it seems like the balloon couldn’t hold it any longer. It crashed straight into a specific spot in Nthambiro in Meru last week. The individuals even complained of headaches after they gathered around the device to get a glimpse of what exactly took place. “The device from project loon indicates it fell after its expiry period of six months. No one is yet to claim the device,” Igembe South OCPD Jane Nyakeruma was quoted as saying.

Google earlier last year, made an announcement, stating that they were becoming closer to delivering internet connection to all remote regions of the world. They plan on doing this with the help of high-flying balloons.

They made use of machine learning systems that helped them predict weather systems. The first generated greater control over where the balloon traveled and even made it possible to specify in certain regions. The balloon was meant to remain in the stratosphere for the longest time possible. It was merely 11 miles high before it came crashing down. It is possible that the balloon might be affected by changing weather conditions in the atmosphere.

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Google’s internet balloon crashes in Kenya .
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