Google’s collection of data cannot be escaped, Study Says

Published on August 24, 2018

As per the Vanderbilt University computer scientist, who has led the analysis of the Google data’s collection practices has released a report on Tuesday. It outlines the myriad ways in which the company amasses with the information which is about billions of people. These data are said to be from the billion of the people who all use the world’s leading search engine, mobile operating system or web browser.


The report that was published hs not got any type of surprise for anyone. This only shows the overview of the Google’s efforts to learn about the people in a better way. When it comes to the heightened concern, it is about the information tech companies which can collect about the things that they do with it and how they can secure the same. Google seems to be largely escaped with the public as well as regulatory directed at Facebook.

According to Jason Kint, who is the CEO of Digital Content Next, has published in the study in which it said that there are seem to be a lot of attention given to the Facebook for the Cambridge Analytica. This quantifies about the kind of establishes which is about the baseline of and it is everything that Google is doing now. The report is about 55 pages in which it shows that the Google has been doing a lot.

Professional DC lobbyist group has been commissioned this report as well as written by a witness for the Oracle which has been in the ongoing litigation along with the Google. As per a Google spokesperson, it is said that this, not a surprise that it has got much misleading information. As per the report, Google is collecting far more data than Facebook. It is the world’s largest digital advertising company who have got the vast portfolio of services along with the Android to Google Search which ranges from Chrome to Google play. As a result, it will create a firehouse of data.

The researchers who have researched this claim that they collect every move that you make online. It is collected as well as collated from the morning routine to other errands. It is seen that the company user interests with many remarkable accuracies.


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