Google updates Files Go app with three new features; Take a look

Published on March 25, 2018

Google has reportedly updated its Files Go application with three new significant features. The search giant bought the changes to streamline the user process on the use. These features will apparently make it convenient for users to function within the system. According to an online report, experts state that the firm has started revisiting its older applications to tweak a few features and make it appealing to users.

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The search giant seems to pay their entire attention to the Google Go ecosystem. They apparently want it to run smoothly on entry-level and mid-range level Android handset models. These models ideally come packed with mid-range and low-end processors along with considerably smaller RAM sizes. However, they are capable of multi-tasking. Keeping this particular aspect in mind, here are the three features that the Files Go application is updated with:

Default file manager program

Sources close to the project confirm that Google will be adding the ability of a default file manager program for smartphones through the latest update. “Unlike the regular version that demands more capable hardware to run smoothly, the former can supposedly function on devices with humble hardware with RAM size as low as 512 MB,” notes an online report.

Becoming more functional

The latest Files update comes along with newer options such as file search, the ability to see the location of duplicates, removing backup of pictures and videos and so on. The search giant earlier this year confirmed that have reviewed the feedback of its users and designed the updates accordingly. It appears that the users requested the latest changes.

Free up more space

One of the noticeable functions that are offering the Files Go application is the ability to free up as much space as one possibly can. Before this, the knowledge wasn’t accessible by users. However, the latest update prompts the user to delete the unnecessary items from their storage.

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