Google updates Clips Android app with this new feature

Published on March 28, 2018

Google’s Flip camera is a fun gadget. It has several abilities, including the one wherein users can play standard seven-second videos. If you are the kind who doesn’t mind manual seven-second videos being your only resort instead of high-resolution content, then you’re good to go.

However, there are times when everyone is looking for a quality still image to share with friends. In such a scenario, why can’t both the factors be captured in one shot? The good news is that now you will be able to do so. According to a recent report, Google will be delivering an update to its Clips Android application soon.

The app reportedly allows users to capture high-resolution pictures along with videos, especially when you press the shutter button. The shutter button can be caught either on the camera itself or within the live preview section on one’s smartphone.

Such a functionality especially comes handy when the users want to be able to capture a sharp image. The moment often turns out exciting and to be able to have enough time to catch such a shot is a great ability. Users will be required to update their firmware if they wish to change the present functionality. It should happen the next time you are connected to your camera along with its companion application. Make sure you check the app well before logging into the Clips photo safari.

Apart from this, the update brings with it a new pinch-to-zoom cropping feature, especially when users are in the edit mode. Before this, users were required to drag corners of their frames to achieve this shot. However, the latest functionality makes the exercise a whole more accessible. It appears that Google is determined to evolve Clips’ features rapidly and give the user more control, rather than depending solely on the camera’s AI-guided capture to reel you in.

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