Google to roll out Chrome OS 70

Published on August 31, 2018

It is all known that the all-new well-known Material Design has arrived in many Google products which have been in recent years. This time is for the tech giant Google’s most used as well as the popular web browser which is going to get the enhancements which focus on the visual.

Google, Chrome OS 70

Now, the new material design has arrived in the Google products. It is now high time for the tech giant to get most of this as the popular web browser. Now, Google Chrome will now receive the enhancements which have the focus on the visual. The version 69 of the Chrome, which the users are now using right now has got some good features in it. In the new version, one can see that the Chrome will now become whiter as well as come with a different interface for iOS.

The users who all are using the Chrome in the PC will soon receive the news for the new update. It will leave the grey colour shade and will be turning to the whiter. It also added with the more rounded look which is said to be on the list of the open tabs which will be looking like the notch. This is the popular trend among the chrome users in the smartphones.

The new features of the Google’s Chrome browser will also include the support for the Windows 10 notifications along with the improvements. These improvements will prevent the third party apps to crash to your computer program. It will make it impossible to inject the code virtually to the Chrome. When it comes to the Flash, which is the most popular web browser, Chrome will shut it down automatically this plugin. This will be removed entirely in December 2020.

When it comes to the Apple’s iPhones, the devices will be looking to follow the white colour shade of the PCs. The address bar which is present in the new tab will be present in the middle of the screen with the area of open tabs. Squares will represent it, as a result, it will leave the pages in the form of the cards.

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