Google to Resolve a Major Privacy Issue in Pixel 4 Through a Software Update in The Coming Months

Published on October 21, 2019

American tech giant Google recently launched its highly anticipated smartphone, Pixel 4. The phone is in the limelight since its announcement. Chris Fox, a news reporter from BBC, revealed a security flaw in the recently launched device. The facial recognition feature of Pixel 4 allows the phone to unlock even the eyes were closed. As a result, it’s easier to fool the device, and the invention can be potentially accessed while the owner is sleeping. 

Responding to the flaw, Google confirmed to add an eye detection technology through a software update in the coming months. Though the assurance can work in favour of Google, the time frame remains a point of concern for most of the buyers.

Image Credit: My Smart Price

In the statement, the company stated that currently, they are working on to add a feature that will require eyes to be open for unlocking. The firm advised its users to use pattern, password, or pin instead of face unlock for additional security to ensure privacy. The company has not confirmed any future timeline for the software update. 

On the other hand, Pixel4’s arch-rival iPhone11 supports attention toggle to use eye detection feature. The current development confirms that Google will ship its flagship Pixel 4 with knowing the existing flaws and concerns over privacy.

Google has already got lots of criticism for its flawed privacy policy, multiple times in the past. The recent development will not help the firm to regain the trust of consumers. 

How the face unlock feature works in Pixel?

Though most of the android phones use their front camera to unlock the phone (RGB solution), Pixel opted for a more secure one. The face opens feature used in Pixel is quite similar to that of an iPhone. The phone uses infrared projectors to unlock the phone. As a result, it works fine in deep darkness and cannot be fooled by a photo on a 2-D screen.

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