Google Street View is able to measure the Air Quality across the globe

Published on June 7, 2019

Google is stepping into another paradigm shift of “Street View”. Recently Google has upgraded its Map game by releasing the air quality data that has been collected from California’s Bay area, and Central Valley. A large part of the strenuous activity has been concentrated to track pollution around the world.

Image Courtesy: Google

 In the air quality data that got hitched this week emancipated the condition of the world that has been witnessed past three years. The scientist can request access to this Street view through a form. On the contrary end, the entire data will be available to the public on the onset of its release. The data basically included the pictures from the wildfires that had taken place in the Wine Country Region and from the agricultural regions of Central Valley.  Google has been constantly upgrading its map services, Voice Assistant and travel services. The reason is quite appropriate. After, Amazon and Apple Inc, Google has offered pure services to its users. The project that has been undertaken by the street view parameter that is known as Project Air View ensures collecting data of cars causing air pollution in Oakland back in 2012. This had been proposed by the Environment Defense Fund. On teaming with Aclima, a San-Francisco based company. This company promulgates the construction of quality sensors. Since 2012, it has been expanding to other regions as well.

The air quality sensors used by Google to collect data can detect greenhouse gas methane, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and many more. Apart from the Wine Region, the company also beholds project in London, Copenhagen, Houston, Salt Lake City, and Amsterdam. An initiative called Breathe London was initiated last year in EDF Europe. The initiative followed up the launch of Google Street Views cars throughout the city which included 100 sensor pods on lampposts and buildings. By the end of 2019, Google is on the verge to set this Project air View in South America, Africa, and Asia. In a blog written by Google mentioned the sovereignty to the air quality measurement that can be done for the entire world. It has planned to establish 50 more Street View Cars.

As it has been always said that there can be a number of teachers but Google is the master of all. It has believed and still practicing to provide users with all the facilities possible. It may be the online services or customer dealing; Google is able to outstand every odd goal.

Google is on the Starstone to equip with these advanced technologies. With the acceptance of different governments, it believes to set this air quality mission to the best parts of the world. If you want to locate your house on Google Map, you just have to tap on the Google Street View and gather the exact latitude and longitude of it. While taking the aerial shots, Google Street View took unexpected shots of a political element in America. As already known, this feature of Google captures images from the entire globe and uploads for the world to view it.

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