Google is probably tracking every move you make

Published on January 24, 2018

Alphabet Inc-backed Google is gradually lurking through each and everything that the internet-driven society is engaging in. Through a range of different services, including its worldwide used Android operating system, the company seems to be keeping track of every move made by the smartphone user. According to an online report, “Phones using Android begin silently transmitting data back to the servers of Google, including everything from GPS coordinates to nearby Wi-Fi networks, barometric pressure and even a guess at the phone-holders current activity.”

This is bad, even though Google ensures that they are asking for user’s consent before actually carrying out such an action. Google, accurately, describes Location History as entirely opt-in. “With your permission, Google uses your Location History to deliver better results and recommendations on Google products,” a spokesman wrote to Quartz in an email.

“For example, you can receive traffic predictions for your daily commute, view photos grouped by locations, see recommendations based on places you’ve visited, and even locate a missing phone. Location History is entirely opt-in, and you can always edit, delete, or turn it off at any time.”

It can be harder for most Android smartphone users to realize the gravity of what they opting-in for. While most may not be aware of it but opting in also depends on the numerous features of Android. Eventually, the search giant ends up being in possession of extensive data on Android users. Google can make use of this data for many types of businesses.

The most kind of activity is if they end up selling targeted advertising to specific individuals. Google’s most common product, “Location History” which was introduced back in 2009, is currently being used by the search giant to perform many functions for the users such as predict the traffic, recommend possible restaurants around the owner to name a few. Even though this set has not exactly been enabled on an Android smartphone by default, if the “Location History” is active, it could provide a whole hoard of rich and personal information over to the company.

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