Google Pixel 3 will be an Apple iPhone X copy: Report

Published on April 17, 2018

We already know that Google’s Android P software operating system will be supporting Apple iPhone X-like notches. It does not come across as a surprise that majority of the Android smartphone manufacturers want to copy Apple’s 2017 flagship design. It appears that it’s not just the non-name Chinese companies who are trying to rip off Apple this year, several prominent players in the business are carrying out the same act. Therefore, it is not difficult to believe that Google might end up packing the first notch in its next-generation Pixel 3 smartphone. However, now it appears that the iPhone X notch is not the only thing that Google will be stealing from the Apple iPhone X. According to a report by BGR, “One of the iPhone X’s best features might be coming to Android P as well this year — and it’s a feature that Apple swiped from a now-defunct mobile operating system.”

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Multiple pictures are doing the rounds of the internet which represent the navigation buttons on the handset as being altered. When these pictures were showing online, ArsTechnica’s Ron Amadeo went ahead and asked a few questions. “So what’s the deal with the pill-shaped home button? It looks similar to the iPhone X’s virtual home bar that replaced the physical home button. So it seems logical to assume that Google is about to bake various gestures into its mobile OS, just like Apple,” he wrote. As can be recalled, Apple went on to completely reinvent the iPhone navigation when they killed the physical home button. The Cupertino technology giant was forced to do it, and they even had to come up with numerous gestures that allow users to return to the home screen, switch between applications and even multi-task. “Yes, it’s just like Palm’s old webOS platform, and it sure looks like Android is next in line to make use of these gestures,” notes the report by BGR.

In response to Amadeo’s Twitter question, 9 to 5 Mac’s Stephen Hall went ahead to state that the gesture navigation is apparently hundred percent included in the Android P software system. Citing his sources, he said that one could fully expect the gesture navigation to happen in the Pixel 3 smartphone as well. There was no alternative for Apple, and it appears like there won’t be any alternative for Google. However, the search giant attempted to fix this issue a couple of years ago by deciding to opt for virtual buttons instead of physical ones. Therefore, it comes across as surprising mainly because Google is following Apple’s design ethics and not their own.

The Android P software operating system is expected to consist of numerous new features. Chances are, it might even end up wiping some of them on the iPhone device. However, we cannot pretend Google is not copying some major iPhone features with its upcoming release. Apple’s iPhone X design, as well as the iPhone X gestures, will end up having a significant impact on the overall Android experience while moving forward. Since Pixel is Google’s flagship Android brand, the device goes on to show the world a list of latest advancements in the Android operating system.

Therefore, we cannot expect the Pixel 3 to be anything but the Apple iPhone X copy. “The search giant likely won’t just introduce notch support and a new gesture-based navigation system without adding them to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL,” notes an online report. Regardless of what Google adds to its Android P system, it’s unlikely that any new feature will as visible as the notched display design.

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