Google Maps app gets a ‘Two-Wheeler’ mode in India

Published on December 5, 2017

You might have used the walking or car mode of the Google Maps, but today it announced a new ‘Two-wheeler’ mode at its Google for India event. Google Maps in India is now enabled with a new feature to get maps on a two-wheeler mode. One can get the new method added to the latest version of Google Maps (v9.67.1). One can easily find this two-wheeler mode beside other modes like Car, Foot, and Train. The feature is available in the latest Google Play app present on Play Store.

Google Maps

Image Source: GSM Arena

The newly added two-wheeler mode will also support the voice-assistance during navigation. This will save the efforts which two-wheeler users need to do to find out a route to make their vehicle pass through. The features have been launched initially for India.

As the majority of the workforce in India travels by bikes, the feature was a needed one for Indian users of Google Maps. During the event in New Delhi, Google said that India is the most significant two-wheeler market holding more than 70 of its registered vehicles as a two-wheeler. And that was the prime reason to launch the feature first for India.

Google using machine learning to predict the speed accurately and the routes for such vehicles. The feature will now gain more users to Google Maps, as the bikers which were not intact with the app will going to use it from now. This will save their time and will help them in taking the best possible ways to go anywhere.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has recently commented about India, saying that India plays a vital role in the update of Google maps and other Google products. At the event where this update was unveiled, it was also showcased that the Maps has seen a double growth of users in India.

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Google Maps Two Wheeler Mode
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