Google Made a Free Phone Backup Utility For iOS

Published on July 30, 2020
Image Credit: [Google]

Google started including automatic Android phone backups to Google One last year. Google One is a premium Google tier that includes family sharing, Google Drive storage, and a handful of other useful perks. So, it was only natural for Google to include those features directly into Android, but the search giant announced that it will soon do the same for iPhone users, too. Regardless of which platform you use, or whether or not you are a Google One subscriber, the new backup tool will be completely free.

So, if you aren’t paying for Google One’s additional Google Drive storage, you’ll have their base 15GB to split between Google services such as Drive, Gmail, Photos, and now phone backups. The 15GB of free space isn’t a whole lot, but if you aren’t heavily using Drive or Photos it should work just fine for you. iOS will be able to manage their phone backups via an all-new Google One app that’s coming to the walled garden (Apple’s mobile platform) soon enough. It will store contacts, photos, videos, and calendar events in your Google account. Considering that Apple already has its own backup solution, don’t be too shocked if iOS users don’t take to the new app.

If you are paying for Google One, the new app will be a lot more useful to you because you will have 100GB of storage at your disposal for just $2 a month. That amount of storage makes using Google’s new app a lot more feasible. Either way, there is no such thing as too much of a backup. Like it’s always been, a paid Google One memberships comes with storage that you are able to share with up to five other people.

Featured Image Credit: [Google]

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