Google introduces Dataset Search to help scientists as well as journalists

Published on September 14, 2018

On Wednesday, Google has announced about the launch of the new Dataset Search. This new Dataset Search will be helping the scientists as well as data journalists to get the data through the data-drenched web in a quick way to find the stories which are between the numbers.

Dataset Search

The main goal of the Google has said to be organized in the world’s information along with the first target which was the commercial web. Now it seems that the company wants to do the same thing with the scientific community along with the new search engine for datasets.

In this new service, it will be coming with the companion of sorts of Google Scholar. This is said to be the company’s popular search engine for all the academic studies along with the reports. The institutions who all publish the data online that include universities, as well as governments organization, need to include metadata tags in the web pages. This metadata tags that are present in the web pages are said to describe the data that includes the information about who had created this when this thing was published as well as who have collected the information and so on. After this, the information will get indexed by Google’s search engine as well as they will be combined with the information from the Knowledge Graph.

As per Natasha Noy, who is the research scientist at Google AI and who helped to create the Dataset Search, said that the main aim is to unify the tens of thousands of different repositories for the online datasets.

Currently, it has been seen that the dataset publication is said to be extremely fragmented. Different scientific domains have to own the preferred repositories. Noy said by adding an example in which a climate scientist has searched the engine to get a specific dataset on ocean temperatures for the study. But, the search engine has got no data about it anywhere so this type of dataset will help to find the results that are usually needed.

The initial release of the Dataset Search is said to be cover the environmental as well as social sciences along with government data as well as datasets from the news organizations which is ProPublica. This will help the scientist to help to open the data initiatives that are present around the world.

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