Google implements significant changes to Project Fi

Published on January 18, 2018

Ever since Google launched its Project Fi program in the U.S., users have been waiting for the company to include the unlimited data service through the same. However, it never actually happened. The company, instead, went on to offer internet data at $10 per GB/month.

Google implements significant changes to Project Fi

They even added another clause underneath, which stated that users will be provided with a refund for the data that they haven’t used. In a surprising turn of events, Google is changing the manner in which Project Fi works. Through the introduction of their latest ‘Bill protection’ feature, Project Fi users that make “more than 6GB of data in a given month, will never pay more than $60 for that (plus the standard $20 for unlimited talk and text),” reports Tech Crunch.

A Google spokesperson in a statement to Tech Crunch, further added that the company plans on changing the way how data billing works through their Project Fi program. Users will now be able to pay for data as per their usage towards the end of the month. They don’t need to wait for refunds anymore.

In other words, users will be paying for the data that individuals use once they hit the 6GB cap of internet data. The overall cost of this package will be calculated on monthly basis. The price won’t extend beyond the $60 limit. Individuals must not be under the wrong impression that unlimited plan will actually be unlimited at all times. “Google, too, will slow your data speeds once you hit the 15 GB of internet data cap,” notes Tech Crunch.

The company says only one percent of the current Fi users actually make use of that much amount of internet data. The number will end up going upwards once users don’t have to pay $150 for using that much internet data. Users that end up going beyond 15GB of internet data, will be allowed to opt to pay about $10/GB to get faster speeds.

Furthermore, the latest feature also carries the international data usage as well as plans for laptops, tablets, and cars specifically along with it.

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