Google has announced to shut its Trips Application

Published on June 5, 2019

On August 5, 2019, Google is going to kill its Trips Mobile Application currently available on Android and iOS. According to the team, it is shutting the app officially.

It can now be measured how Google Trips have been productive in planning a trip and researching things to do in your destination. But, to think about the demise of this application, Google has announced its gripping story. It is rather advising the users and lovers of Google features to find the same pit lines in other applications. As the company had recently launched another travel service at, it had to consider the fact that the time has arisen to close the Trip application. Now, with Google applications, you can travel to great destinations and discover features. And it is extremely easy with the Maps as they provide every tit and bit information about the location you want to visit. Shortly, it is expected that the team will come up with another updated Trip App.

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To execute the said ‘shut down,’ Google has announced August 5 as the official date to close the Trips, and until then you can hit the application as you are doing it presently. You will be able to access trips, reservations, and notes. But in this meantime, use it to find a parallel app that will let you do all the things that you were able to do with the Trips. Google has confirmed that the notes from Google Trips can be derived from the You will now find the saved transactions, flights, and hotels in the Search option. By clicking on the “Your Places,” you can adhere to information about the place you have decided to head on. You should not get panic-stricken because there are plenty of travel agencies that provide accurate services for your trips and travel. Certain applications include Kayak, Hipmunk, and pack point that will help grind for a trip.  You can book hotels, flights and many more things all at once.

In some time, this announcement may lead to obscurity, but there are shelved features that have been upgraded by Google. Google says that now your energies will get energized with the shutting of the Trips. As it is often adjudicated, Google is the master of all services. On shutting this one app, it is upgrading the Google Maps so that you can do all those things that you were able to do with the Trips. That is why it has added Food Delivery services to Google maps. If there is a closed door, for one thing, several other positive doors are opened for you to access.

Like the Trips, you have similar applications that will let you book your destinations with ease. You do not have to roll down the stairs crying for this. Just look for the good thing, and you have the benefits in your fist. In the present day, the services provided by Google cannot be surmounted with any other online services.

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