Google Contacts 3.0 get a new Material Theme UI

Published on August 14, 2018

When you update your phone with the latest Android Pie, the most important and most probably the first thing that you will see will be the refreshed UI. This latest UI is based on the newest Material Theme guidelines or which is commonly known as the Material Design 2. Currently, Google is updating its entire apps as well as services to suit the new guidelines which are now adopted like vibrant colours, clear and rounded corners which is across the whole interface. As per Google Maps, they have received the makeover which is based on the new Material Theme elements as we have already gotten the glimpse on how the apps will look like Android Messages as well as on mobile Google chrome.

Google Contacts 3.0

Image Credit: 9to5Google

The latest update for the contact is very beautiful. The Google Contacts 3.0 is the new update, and in this update, you will not find the top coloured action bar to make room for the all-white UI. Google Sans font is prominently displayed across the titles, hamburgers or list items, regular texts, leaving the Roboto for smaller. You can see that most of the icons have been swapped for the outlines ones with floating buttons also get a makeover. The results of the bears show the little resemblance with the previous version. There is no black theme in this version, but it has got all white interface fits for each one.

After you update, the users can see the centred Contacts title in the app bar which drops like the darkish blue tint for the stark white background. The lighter shade of the blue will still be leveraged for the letter markers along with the FAB.  The FAB for adding the new contact does not use the multi-coloured style which is introduced in the Gmail as well as on Google Tasks. It will be using a blue sign on the stark white circle which will be very hard to distinguish from the app’s background as it were not for the shadow effect.

When you open the contact, the Call, Text or Email, it leverages the new style icons with new FAB for editing details. The contact image is no longer like the full bleed with a white app bar which is present to improve the visibility of the back button, overflow menu or starring.  The new Google contacts update is now rolling out to the Google Play Store.

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Google Contacts 3.0
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