Google conducts survey through ‘Settings’ menu of Pixel devices

Published on January 5, 2018

Google decided to enter the smartphone market two years back, i.e. 2016 with the introduction of its Pixel smartphones. The company recently refreshed its line-up with the debut of Pixel 2 and 2 XL devices.

Pixel devices

The handsets are up against Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia (and many others). It seems like Google understands how difficult it can get to break through and thus, has begun taking surveys with Pixel owners with the objective to make the experience better on the basis of the feedback that they provide.

As noted by Android Headlines, this is certainly not the first time that Google has conducted a survey. The search giant heavily relies on user feedback in order to design and develop products that favorable. In fact, the firm even has a dedicated Android app that allows users to get paid (in Google Play Store credit) for answering survey questions.

This time around, Google has made use of a survey that is not fed into any one application or website. For the first time ever, Google is conducting a survey through the actual Settings menu of the smartphone. When Pixel owners tap on the ‘Settings’ menu of their respective devices, a small pop-up notification appears, asking users if they would like to “help improve Pixel” by answering a couple of questions in the “1-minute survey.”

It is still unknown whether the survey is widespread or whether it is available only to a few users. The “1-minute survey,” as the name already suggests is pretty short one. Google’s primary objective is to gain feedback from users on how the experience of owning a Pixel 2 XL has been up till now. Questions such as, how satisfied an owner is with the new device and whether they want newer features to be integrated, are asked. These changes have been made in the ‘Settings’ section of the smartphone. It is not mandatory for one to participate in it.

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Pixel devices
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