Google competes with Echo Show with four new smart displays

Published on January 8, 2018

On late Sunday afternoon, Director of Google Assistant, Mr. Chris Turkstra decided to address a small group of attendees regarding the firm’s latest innovation and integration. He sat in his hotel lounge, with Lenovo’s Smart Display product by his side. The primary attraction of this electronic device is the fact that it is powered by the Google digital Assistant feature and further comes with a built-in touchscreen option.

Google competes with Echo Show with four new smart displays

He went on to reveal that Google has partnered with four other companies with the objective of providing their services on their flagship products. The list of gadgets includes Sony, Samsung, JBL, LG, and Lenovo. These products are scheduled to launch during the official CES event this week.

According to a report published by CNET, these devices are designed to do what every smart home speaker is ideally meant to do. For example, they can play music, operate connected devices and electricity and even make video calls when necessary. Individuals can watch YouTube videos and even view pictures through the support of their voice commands alone. “Our thinking is that over time, this is how people with interact with technology,” says Turkstra.

This is the first time that such a type of gadget is being introduced. While Amazon unveiled a similar concept earlier last year, however, they still haven’t been able to launch it for sale as yet. “With Google showing off a set of four additional smart display devices, a large segment of the technology industry is now betting that a lot of us want a touchscreen stationed at our kitchen counters and shared with the whole family to run,” the CNET report reads.

Individuals are encouraged to note how different the vision of this technology is. Unlike what smartphones offer these days, the products are highly personalized. Since smart home speakers have been such a raging success, companies have naturally assumed that this should be their next logical step towards innovations.

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Google competes with Echo Show with four new smart displays
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