Google Clips Pre-order Starts Today

Published on January 28, 2018

It was October 2017 when Google unveiled its new range of camera named as Google Clips. The camera is not a casual camera instead it is an artificial intelligence based camera that takes the right picture when it sees something interesting. Google didn’t give any official confirmation about the pre-order of this camera and didn’t even explained much about it. The company started taking the pre-orders quietly.

Google Clips

As of now Google has stopped taking pre-orders due to massive numbers over pre-booking. The camera costs $249, and it comes with a free-shipping option. The customers need to get on the wait list to pre-order the product. The company says that they will be emailing all the interested buyers as soon as the product is available again.

Tech news website Engadget states that the customers who have successfully placed the order will start receiving their Google Clips by February 27th to March 5th.

You might think the thinking that what is the prime use of such a kind of camera that takes snaps as according to its wish. The camera is made for multiple purposes, like for the parents who seek to click random images of their kids and also for the people who work in the field of wildlife photography as well.

The company also says that the camera works on its hardware and doesn’t require any external server support to function. Google Clips will give you a feeling that an eye is always watching you.

So as of now, you cannot place the pre-order for Google Clips but you can subscribe over there with your email address, and you will be notified whenever the device will go on sale.

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