Google announces alpha launch of AutoML Vision

Published on January 18, 2018

Google has formally taken the wraps off AutoML Vision – a new type of service that helps developers construct a custom-base image recognition models. This involves the use of the developer’s machine-learning (ML) expertise, however, it isn’t necessarily important for the involvement of the same.

Google announces alpha launch of AutoML Vision

The search giant has stated that they plan on expanding the custom ML model builder under the AutoML brand to other areas as well. At the moment, the service only supports computer vision models. One can still expect the firm to introduce similar versions of its AutoML program to other platforms as well.

According to a report published by Tech Crunch, the search giant went on to state that this system will enable “anybody to bring their images, upload them (and import their tags or create them in the app) and then have Google’s systems automatically create a customer machine learning model for them.”

The company officials stated that even Disney makes use of this system to create their search feature on their online store. A special drag-and-drop interface is used in order to import data while tagging and training models. The company opts for a kind of system wherein it handles all the difficult work by tuning the models as per the preference of its users.

“AI and machine learning is still a field with high barriers to entry that requires expertise and resources that few companies can afford on their own,” Google’s chief scientist for AI/ML Fei-Fei Li said during a press event earlier this week. Those who are under the impression that they have millions of data scientists to hire in the market are pretty much mistaken. The number of people who make use of the tool outnumbers the former. “Today, while AI offers countless benefits to businesses, developing a custom model often requires rare expertise and extensive resources.”

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