Gmail Has Got New Update And Some New Features

Published on January 31, 2019

You all must be using Gmail for getting touch with the business profiles as well as for getting interaction with some institutes and privat6e banks and other things such as if we take an example about the bank message confirmation and school level transferred message they all are meant to be shared through an email by Gmail. Gmail is the best app by Google which can be used by every person in the household and also by every firm in contacting with others.

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Google itself agree that Gmail is the most tremendous app which is used more than other apps and tool by it. Also by the survey, we also got to know that, right now we don’t need any other email address for the transaction and for getting touch with the individuals(business indivisual). Gmail somehow have to always take care of the app because millions of users have faith in the app and complete some of your tasks in that so it should make a perfect update and give more requirements to your user. There are numerous of the users and also which are covered from the complete globe.

Therefore the most important news is that Gmail has finally updated its app and added some interesting features into it which can be helpful to people and will grab more interest in them. The new update has surely added with the good messaging service which will also give a good experience to the users along with this the machine learning to be further helpful because this program help to generate automatic messages or you can also say that it composes emails by using the Smart Compose feature.

Not only this, but Gmail has also added something great which you can say is that it is the improvement by the Gmail and Google in their app that smart replies will be generated automatically with the great response. This will help the users by sending them a standard message easily and fast. Many more updates and features are also added as they have added that the emails will get an option to be shown in the reminder later and with that, it also generates an option for the user which help them with the reminder of the emails and important thread for the reply and to answer them later. Also when the user will open the inbox, the app will also show you the past threads as well as messages. This feature is most interesting because this will surely make a great difference in the updated version and non-updated version.

The above all updation and features were all for the basic web Gmail whereas the mobile design of Gmail has also been updated and many features have also been added. In the mobile app and notification regarding the mail, you will be showing up with red warning signs for the emails which need to be reported in spam and are very inappropriate. Also, one of the most interesting thing which Gmail has added in the mobile view for the users is that the attachment of photo files can be easily previewed and that too without opening the complete message body. Also, some users use more than two accounts in the one Gmail app therefore for them switching the accounts between the two had made somehow more easily so that the user can work more effectively as well as the user can operate the two easily. As the user can switch the accounts for more productive work.

You all have must used G Suite or else many of you might have knowledge of G Suite, therefore Gmail is the tool which is a part of it. Therefore changes have occurred which make users use Suite more effectively. Now the user just has to update the app in the Play store or App store and can work with efficiency.

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