Fitbit Versa Review

Published on November 9, 2018

Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate a smart-watch that is compact and lightweight. Fitbit Versa is a fantastic fitness tracker if you are into fitness.

What is New?

With Fitbit Versa, you do not need to worry about battery life. It can go for days on just one charge. It will improve your workout sessions and help you throughout your fitness journey.

You can still wear it if you are not at the gym. The sleek and stylish design of the smart-watch allows you to wear it in a meeting or casual outing with friends. Moreover, the rubber band attached to it feels comfortable. It has extra bands as well such as a metal mesh band and Horween leather band. You will need to adjust the mesh band manually.

It is comfortable and functional. You can receive messages from your Apple and Android devices. When it comes to workouts, it is great! It helps track your steps and heart rate. You can even keep an eye on your daily fitness routine. You can swipe-up the dashboard to check your fitness stats and other data.

Fitbit Versa has built-in GPS along with cellular options. You will also find some significant changes in the watch. For instance, the developers have removed the unnecessary features and improved the basics. It is smaller but bulkier than the Apple Watch Series 3. Its square screen is surrounded by bezels. It seems thinner than the latest Apple watch.

Fitbit Versa has a responsive touch-screen. There are three buttons available for exercise alarms and start times, to check notifications, and to control music. You will also get an option to click and click-hold to perform other tasks. Plus, Fitbit Versa is waterproof for up to 50 meters.

Final Verdict

Fitbit Versa helps you stay fit. This tiny device performs various functions, which makes it must-have watch for fitness enthusiasts.

Photo by: Fitbit


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