For the first time ever, Cortana arrives on Cheetah Mobile

Published on December 15, 2017

Digital voice assistants are quickly gaining mainstream attention. Most leading technology brands, including Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft have their respective versions of voice assistants in place. Redmond giant, Microsoft has decided to step up its game with the help of a mobile partner, Cheetah Mobile. For those who aren’t aware, Cheetah Mobile founded the Clean Master app. As has been confirmed, the latest line-up of Cheetah Mobile will consist of Microsoft Cortana. The digital voice assistant will be featured in Cheetah Mobile’s Launcher Android app. This will appear in the place of the pre-installed app launcher that exists on your smartphone.


According to a report on Digital Trends, this is the first time that Microsoft Cortana digital assistant has been integrated with a mobile launcher app. Following the integration of Cortana, the Cheetah Mobile launcher app will be able to provide additional features, which will be influenced by the Artificial Intelligence technology. Cheetah Mobile users can merely command Cortana to carry out minimal tasks such as making calls, reading out news, creating and managing events, translating text and performing web searches. The digital voice assistant also comes with the ability to remind users of any engagements that they set. Cheetah Mobile spokesperson stated that there are more features expected to arrive with Cortana shortly.

As noted by The Verge, Cheetah Mobile and Microsoft have been involved together for quite some time now. After pledging a $50 million investment in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Cheetah Mobile has been open to research inputs by all leading technology giants in the market. The CM Launcher Cortana voice assistant is currently available in beta version. The final version of this is expected to arrive sometime in January. You can check out the official website to register to be a beta tester.

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