Facebook relaunch apps for Groups after a brief lockdown

Published on July 10, 2018

Facebook is said to be becoming the best marketplace for the enterprise apps which will be helping the Group admins as they manage the communities.

To protect itself and the users of the application after the incident of CambridgeAnalytica scandal, Facebook has locked down the Groups API for building the apps for all Groups. This kind of apps had to go through the human-reviewed approval process, and they have lost the access to the Group member lists along with plus the names and profile pics of the people who have posted. They have approved Groups apps which are reemerging on Facebook, and they are accessible to the admins through the new in-Facebook Groups apps which the browser gives the platform and its control over the discoverability.

Facebook has now confirmed that the new Groups apps browsers will be after the inquiry. In a statement, it said that the changes that are seen are related to the changes that have been announced in April. It will require the developers to go through the updated app review process which will be to use the Groups API. But some of the developers who have already gone through this review process are now able to access the Groups API.

On this matter, it seems that Facebook is not in the mood to comment any more details, but the Help Center articles show the details of how the Groups can now add apps. Matt Navarra has first spotted the new Groups apps option, and it has tipped us off. The admins will have to find the Group management tools which are present outside of Facebook and then they can use the log-in option on the Facebook account to give the app permissions which will be giving them access to the Group’s data.

The Groups which are often for the admins can generate tons of engagement for the social network. This is the reason for which the company has recently begun to test the Facebook subscription Groups which will allow the admins of the Groups to charge a monthly fee. This can happen with the right set of approved partners, and the platform offers the Group admins who have the capabilities that are reserved for some big brands and businesses which usually pay for the enterprise tools so that it will manage their online presences.

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