Facebook now has some intensely thirty questions for their users

Published on December 7, 2017

Facebook is now looking out more possibilities to gather some personal data from their users. They have started to roll out their new feature, named the “Did You Know” section, which shall carry over various questions regarding the personal space of the users.


Image Courtesy: Adweek/Facebook

Although some of the questions shall seem fun at first place or relatively harmless, they are at present collecting some personal data through these issues. It may be regarding the hidden talents of their users, about their recent success, and about their favorite sports teams and much more.

The Facebook is all about gathering information from their users and sell them in the form of targeted ads, and the site has been known for controlling over one-fifth of the overall digital ad dollars that exist in the world. Every other user of Facebook, undoubtedly knows that there is a hidden trade-off that lets their data used by companies and other marketers to target their ads with.

This is a strategy which Facebook has been following up to keep their users input more of their life regarding written status and by sharing multimedia content. The Facebook has recently acquired a new startup named as the tbh, which is highly specialized in getting answers from the users, by providing user-friendly questions to them.

Although this new “Did You Know’ feature from Facebook has been asking their users to share their personal information with them, it seems that Facebook has been testing the feature before rolling it over to the tbh, who is known for getting out the exact answers from the users. End of the day, this is one of the other experiments which Facebook has been testing on their users, and shall hand it over to the tbh very soon.

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