Facebook Working On Silent Technology System

Published on August 1, 2019

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Facebook is capable of new technology through which the user will be able to type texts by just using their brains.

The idea is pretty fictional but Facebook claims that it is possible as they are close to making their greatest breakthrough of the history. If the tech works, Facebook will be able to produce their own products such as augmented reality glasses through which people will be able to able to interact with each other without using smartphones.

As per the blog post by Facebook, “The promise of AR lies in its ability to seamlessly connect people to the world that surrounds them — and to each other. Rather than looking down at a phone screen or breaking out a laptop, we can maintain eye contact and retrieve useful information and context without ever missing a beat.”

The research was announced back in 2017 in which it was mentioned that they have been working on a brain-computer interface by which people will be able to connect with each other without picking up their smartphones. The research was announced at the social network’s F8 developer conference and the research lab was named Building 8. According to the leader of the research, Regina Dugan, the company is up to building an interface which will allow the user to type 100 words in a single minute by using their silent speech system. If the system works, it is going to be 5 minutes faster than what a person could type from a phone. Facebook wants to build a tech which will not require any surgery (thankfully!) as the company will develop a wearable device.

The AI breakthrough has been made before but required surgery during which the patient (who is paralyzed) is able to communicate. The research was conducted by Stanford University. The surgery includes an electrode implant in the brain which allows the person to communicate without using his/her mouth. Scary stuff!

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