Facebook invents new time unit called ‘The Flick’

Published on January 23, 2018

Facebook’s Oculus team of developers recently invented a new time unit called ‘The Flick.’ At first, it came across as a tool that detects the amount of time an average Facebook user spends looking at any one post, but it is actually much more than that. It appears that the tool also holds the ability to “make video and audio production much more harmonious,” reports Tech Crunch.

Facebook invents new time unit called ‘The Flick’

Let’s understand what a Flick is first?

As explained by Tech Crunch, “A flick is one seven hundred and five million six hundred thousandth of a second — 1/705,600,000 if you prefer the digits, or 1.417233560090703e-9 if you prefer decimals.”

What are its advantages?

The numbers obtained through Flick are mostly framerates or frequencies. These numbers come in handy for encoding or showcasing film or music content. It is pretty obvious why one would have a difficult time remembering these numbers. However, by depending on a particular system makes the entire procedure a lot easier to “match with one another without creating some kind of inter-format fraction that has to be resolved with yet another adjusting frequency,” adds the Tech Crunch report.

In other words, Facebook’s latest innovation allows content to fit perfectly well with its elements. The social networking giant has certainly come a long way, especially in the video and audio editing portion as far as the Flick is concerned. The videos will end up being in much more harmony on Facebook’s news feed. Those who are interested in understanding the Flick format or code in greater depth can head over to GitHub.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg meanwhile, has stated that the company plans on emphasizing on news that holds more importance and credibility on their platforms. The social media platform has been a subject of major controversy over the last year.

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