Facebook has a new feature for group chats

Published on October 12, 2018

Facebook one of the most popular, most responsive and most addicted social networking sites among the people and youth. Facebook helps to chat with friends even you can call them on facebook, also most importantly Facebook gives us the opportunity to have a group of friends where we can chill out or carry some important work. But Facebook also has some limitations regarding this, because it doesn’t allow as many members if we wish to add.  Therefore many people got some problems in delivering information and also some were misguided. For them, Facebook has launched a new update in which you can add around 250 members in a group and can pass information very frequently and easily also for more Facebook also added the features through which you can do audio or video call to 45-50 members.


But the main concern which facebook shows is that 250 members will obviously have a large chat and on an every single second 10-15 messages will come, therefore if the person is not interested in reading them, then he or she can mute the chats but after muting when their nametags or mention will be given in chats the notification will come. Here group admins have a special power that only they have can shut down chats and also have the power to approves chat, note – you can make multiple numbers of admins if you wish to.

No doubt that Facebook has the largest number of users, around 1.4 billion which are always active on Facebook, Today most of the large groups are being on Whatsapp, whereas the main motive of considering the large group size is that to increase the engagement (hoping the users to come back). Facebook also gave some stats that 200 million people we already in the group of Facebook and those who are leaving should return back.

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