Facebook announced ‘Messenger Kids’ for kids under 13

Published on December 4, 2017

Facebook has taken a step to cover the youngest generation of the planet, and the action seems to be a successful one without having any potential competitor. Facebook built a new Messenger app for kids under 13 named ‘Messenger Kids.’ The app is for those who are too young to use Facebook due to age restrictions on the website.

Facebook is billing it as a way for safe and reliable for preteens to communication with parents and their friends. And kids cannot create the Messenger Kids account, and they need a parental command to proceed with that. Kids can neither produce the Messenger Kids account nor add a new contact to communicate with.

If your child wants to chat with one of her classmates, then you must be a Facebook friend with any of the parent of that partner to whom your kids want to communicate with. This makes a proper security which will not give any adverse impact on children.

Facebook took its first step to target the audience of preteens, as Facebook knows that the young teens are now diverted in using other social media apps like Snapchat and others. Facebook took a step which no one has thought about.

Facebook officials say that they are taking the security of Messenger Kids very seriously. Facebook made some substantial steps to maintain the quality of the app and to make it secure from any lousy use. Some of them are listed below.

Kids under 13 cannot create Messenger Kids account on their own.

A kid needs parental approval before adding a new contact or to begin a new chat.

Every message will be reported to the parent.

A kid cannot delete any message.

Human handles all reports.

“It’s tough to keep the control over who [kids] communicate with, how they communicate, what tools are at their disposal,” said David Marcus, head of Facebook Messenger. “This is what we’re going to address and fix.”



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