Energizer Finally Making Smartphone With Pop-Up Cameras.

Published on February 2, 2019

The market will be somehow surprised because of the new launch of smartphone details which will be out in the coming Mobile World Conference 2019. Not only the simple smartphone with hole punch camera or any other design but for the latest technology smartphone which is majorly featured because of its pop-up camera which will be added in most of the smartphones of 2019. One more thing which some of the smartphones of 2019 will hold is that the large battery backup of a complete full day when fully charged once. Like the earlier reports and some of them about many smartphone brands, foldable smartphones will also be launched in this year.

Image Source: Indiatimes.com

According to the reports, we also came to know that these smartphones will be having some same advantage such as Power Max, Ultimate, Energy, and Hardcase. The best thing which will be added in the smartphone will be the 18,000mAh battery, this would be the largest battery in a smartphone. This is given by the Energizer’s which is with 16,000 mAh Power Max P16K Pro. Along with this in the above paragraph, it was being also mentioned that the smartphones will also have a pop-up camera and a great notch designed smartphone.

GSM Arena gave us some of the reports about the Energizer Ultimate that it has the great U620S Pop and U630S Pop and the best thing which the smartphones and market will have is the P70 and P22 MediaTek Helio chipsets. As these smartphones have the dual camera as well such as one camera holds the major 16 MP main camera with the same 2 Mp depth sensor camera. Whereas the second model which is the U620S pop has a triple camera which has the best configuration, the first camera is of 16 MP camera, the second and third camera is of 5 MP and 2 MP of camera.

This smartphone is having the good 6 GB of RAM which will give the best speed in the smartphone and that too a high storage of smartphone which is the 128GB of storage. This model of the smartphone will be released in the second half whereas another model which is the U630S Pop which is having the 4 GB of RAM and have a storage option of 64 GB which is not a bad option to buy and it will be soon out in the month of June.

We also came to know that there are many French companies which are the most famous such as Avenir Telecom, This is famous because these are selling the low-specification smartphone from the last many years with the supervision under Energizer. But if this smartphone will have a good pop-up camera in it, then it will have a great source and sales in the market. But the need of one thing is really important which is the edge-to-edge display to make the smartphone for an attractive design. Therefore let’s wait for the Mobile World Conference 2019.

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