Digital Signage for Real Estate: The Benefits

Published on October 13, 2020

The ability to sell property depends on how well a real estate agent can reach potential clients. Although ‘For Sale’ signs still work relatively well, they are too inflexible for a world where attention spans are short and people need a lot of information in a short amount of time. Digital signage presents itself as an obvious solution. But, what benefits can your real estate agents see from using this modern marketing and advertising medium?

Digital Signage Lets You Highlight Lots of Properties

To make more sales, real estate agencies must be able to show a lot of property in a short amount of time. They must also be able to show clients the options they have to offer as easily as possible. Digital signage makes it easy to showcase highlighted property anywhere the signage is put up.

Digital signage also lets you showcase a lot of detail about properties that are new on the market, those whose desirability has increased due to a fall in their prices, or those that need to be rented. If clients can see what properties are hot right now as well as your contact information on your digital signage, you will increase the chances of selling more property significantly.

Digital Signage Lets You Update Information Instantly

In addition to helping you showcase the properties you have on offer, digital signage also lets you update information about the properties instantly and quickly. Prices and availability of different types of property change all the time and being able to communicate these changes easily and quickly is a major benefit of having digital signage.

You Can Tailor Content by Location

Digital signage helps you localize the types of properties you showcase in different locations. You do not want to showcase property that is too far away or inconvenient for your clients. Because different agents might focus on different areas, they should know what properties are available in their areas of focus. This makes it easier for them to learn about this property and avoids confusion when an agent is asked about a property that is out of their area of focus.


It Lets You Take Advantage of Visual House Hunting

Real estate is a highly visible commodity. Nowadays, people prefer to see the property without having to visit it. This is the reason why online real estate databases exist. Digital signage lets people see high-quality images and videos of the listings and they get to enjoy a view of these listings the same way they would if they visited the listings in-person or saw them on your website.

It would be a lot more beneficial to get digital signage that your users can interact with. That may be scrolling a gallery of images to see the property from different angles or even to scroll through different properties so they can see what you offer. 

It Can Help You Showcase Your Talented Agents

Customers want to feel like they are in good hands when shopping for a house because it is a massive investment on their part. Customers want to know they can trust your agents. To do this, you can use digital signage to display bios, accomplishments and photos of the agents or the property they have sold to happy clients. 

Doing this is a great way to make a good first impression and show clients who visit your office that you value your agents and that they will take care of all of your clients’ needs.

Digital Signage Can Save You Money

Real estate agencies that do not use digital signage are forced to print banners and have them distributed. This can be quite expensive, especially if your agency covers a large area. Using digital signage saves you money because the process of passing information to potential clients is digital. All you have to do is get the signage up and connected to signage software. Now, instead of printing flyers and banners, you can update the signs on a computer and have that information distributed anywhere you have digital signage.

Digital screens and signage are becoming important in real estate. They make it easy to disseminate information and they are also a great way to showcase the properties you have. If you are not already using digital signage, you are missing out on the benefits outlined above and so many more.

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