Data Is The New Oil: Benefits And Trends Of Data Management

Published on March 8, 2021

Meta Description: The trend of data management has never been more alive. I would further say that if you own a business, you should definitely invest a good amount in data catalog softwares.


There is no question about the fact that data is the new oil. Oil is not valuable in its real form; data is not valuable until it is refined and properly managed. For managing data, you need some data catalog softwares to manage data properly.

The trend of data management has never been more alive. I would further go on to say that if you own a business, you should definitely invest a good amount in data catalog softwares.

So what exactly is data management? It is nothing but collecting, storing, protecting, and processing valuable data so that it becomes available to your business.

Note that it’s important to ensure that the data your company is making is valuable. So without wasting more time, let us take a look at the trend of data management and its importance.

Why Is Data Management So Important?

Data management is very important over the years because many companies are taking the help of data to analyze their performances and plan a better future.

It is mainly done to increase the productivity and overall performance of the company. For managing data, you need a data catalog; let us now take a look at some of the best data catalog tools.   

What Are Some Of The Best Data Catalog Tools?  

There are a ton of Data Catalog tools in the market. But all the data catalog softwares is not that I would personally advise you to use these.

● Google Cloud Data Catalog

● Alex Solutions

● Collibra

● Erwin

● Hitachi Vantara

This softwares will help you manage data properly; now, let us learn the benefits of Data Management.

Benefits of Data Management

There are some of the many benefits of Data Management.

1. It helps in cost efficiency

This is one of the major benefits of data management. Proper Data Management makes sure that your business does not suffer from unnecessary duplication and only the relevant data is available to you at your fingertips.

Using data catalog softwares like Google Cloud Data Catalog helps you to make cost-efficient decisions.

2. It enhances the productivity of your organization

As I have already mentioned before, proper data management will make your business more productive. It makes it easier for you and your employees to find the information they are looking for in a couple of minutes.

Besides allowing your staff to easily validate the results, it also provides structure to your information.

3. It helps you to make accurate decisions

When you have the data, you are looking in front of you. It helps you take calculated risks. It also helps you judge the impact of decisions.

Proper data management tools help to take the pressure off you.

You can use data management tools to make more accurate decisions. In most business organizations, decisions are taken based on a number.

4. It helps to reduce data loss

When data management is done properly, you can eliminate the risk of losing important information. Information sources are very important while judging the importance of the data.

With proper data management tools, you can ensure that important data is backed up. All in all, data catalog tools do not skip on any important data that might be available to you.

5. It Helps Your Organization To Take Speedy Action

The success of an organization is often dependent on how fast it can take decisions. When proper decisions are not made at the right time, a business organization may lose millions.

When a business organization takes too long to make decisions, it might lose out. When a good data management system is used, your employees will directly access all the necessary information in a matter of minutes.  

Final Thoughts

There you have it; now you know why data is termed as the new oil. I hope now you know the importance of data management and the tons of benefits it provides.

Data is becoming expensive with each passing day; that is why it is important to make use of data management tools.

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